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PRESS: Past Events

By Koyyi Chin  Jun 30, 2022

This Malaysian Calligrapher is Breaking the Rules of a 2,000-Year-Old Art Form. Here's what happens when the strength of a coursing river rushes through the structure of Chinese calligraphy—it builds a whole new character, within a character

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By Intan Maizura Ahmad Kamal - January 22, 2023 

Chinese calligrapher Jameson Yap challenges ancient rules of Chinese calligraphy! The strokes are bold and brash. Arresting in their various forms. It's simply impossible to steer my eyes away from the framed works of art lining the walls and along the floor of this impressive space belonging to Chinese calligrapher Jameson Yap, or JY, as he's better known.


By Emily Yap  Jun 26, 2023

'Mindfulness': Malaysian calligrapher Jameson Yap finds freedom in an ancient art. His solo exhibition comprises works that feature his modern and distinctive style, including the River Stroke.


By Chin Jian Wei  Oct 26, 2022  

Jameson Yap challenges the rules of Chinese calligraphy for art to flow freely. The spirit of a river courses through Jameson Yap's distinctive style of calligraphy, layers of meaning flowing through the artwork.


English 英: Michelle Gladwin · Chinese 中:Maggie Ho  
Sept 29, 2023

It isn’t often that you hear a calligrapher cite Pablo Picasso as a major influence, but that’s exactly what Jameson Yap shared when we sat down to talk about his inspiration, process and journey. It turns out that Picasso was very much a fan of the ancient Chinese art, even going so far as to proclaim: “Had I been born Chinese, I would have been a calligrapher, not a painter.”


Feb 14, 2024

On this unforgettable day at the Vancouver Art Gallery @vanartgallery , I am filled with gratitude as I had the opportunity to share my humble art perspective and intricate journey. Valentine’s Day took on new meaning as I was surrounded by respected individuals who actively contribute to the vibrant art scene in Canada and the world, alongside fellow art enthusiasts.

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Feb 22, 2024

CG Afandi attended the Malaysian Jameson Yap Lecture Session, organised by the Vancouver Art Gallery, Institute of Asian Art. The Perlis-born Jameson, has practiced the art of Chinese calligraphy for over 30 years and has established a distinctive style, even inventing his own stroke - which he calls the River stroke, inspired by the flow of river water. Great to see Malaysian artist venturing Vancouver scene and calling more talented Malaysian artists to share their creative works with the Vancouverites!


By S.Tamarai Chelvi  22 Mar, 2021

Jameson Yap’s calligraphy artworks have gained popularity among a global audience. He invented a unique stroke style when writing Chinese calligraphy characters and turns them into works of art.In his one-of-a-kind, contemporary artworks, Yap brings together traditional calligraphy and modern abstract art.

​Exclusive Artist Interview - Jameson Yap @ National TV RTM2

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