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In the stillness where tradition gently intersects with the currents of innovation, I find myself—a humble explorer of calligraphy's ancient allure, dedicated to nurturing its relevance in our contemporary world. Surrounded by the simple yet profound tools of my craft, my space is a testament to a journey that bridges the revered traditions of the past with the subtle nuances of today.

At the heart of my artistic exploration stands the "River Stroke," a concept born from the harmony between strength and gentleness, mirroring the fluidity and resilience of nature. Known as 'liú shū' in Mandarin, this approach transcends the realm of technique to become a meditation on balance and harmony. With each stroke upon the canvas of Xuan paper, I strive to embody this philosophy, guided by the wisdom of my beloved grandfather and the depth of tradition he imparted.

From the seeds of curiosity sown in childhood, under my grandfather's gentle guidance, I have come to understand that the essence of calligraphy extends beyond the perfection of form. It is a bridge to our shared history, a silent dialogue with the wisdom of ages past, and a contemplation on the present moment. His teachings, emphasizing the need to feel and understand each character's spirit, have illuminated my path.

Today, I am grateful to share the fruits of this journey through my current solo exhibition in The Starhill KL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, inviting attendees to engage with calligraphy as a moment of reflection and inner quietude. This exhibition is a part of a broader narrative that has unfolded across the globe, from the serene ambiance of the Park Hyatt in Toronto to the majestic setting of the Shangri-La in Vancouver, where I have had the honor of presenting my work and performing live calligraphy. Each venue has offered a unique backdrop to explore the dialogue between art and its audience, fostering a deep connection with viewers from diverse backgrounds.

Further enriching this global dialogue, I was invited by the Vancouver Art Gallery to share my art journey and perspectives on Chinese calligraphy with the local arts scene. This opportunity to engage with fellow artists and enthusiasts was a profound honor, allowing me to delve into the intricacies of my practice and the philosophical underpinnings of the "River Stroke."

My art has resonated with a diverse group of collectors from around the world, proudly extending beyond Asia to find homes in the United States, Canada, and Europe. This widespread appreciation underscores the universal language of calligraphy—a language that speaks of beauty, understanding, and the interconnectedness of our human experiences.

As I present my work, rooted in the "River Stroke" philosophy, my hope is that it will inspire a deeper appreciation for the tradition of calligraphy as a way of life—a celebration of the delicate balance between freedom and structure, of the dialogue between past and present, and of the serene joy found in the act of creation.

I invite you to join me in this contemplative space, where each piece is an invitation to pause, reflect, and connect with the deeper currents of life. May the "River Stroke" serve as a source of inspiration and a reminder of the quiet power of art to unite, inspire, and illuminate.

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