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The River-stroke by JY

Like the tributaries coursing through rolling hills and valleys, JY’s calligraphy art is an undulating and elevated articulation of tradition, poetry, syntax, meter and emotions. With each stroke of his brush, akin to tributaries flowing into a confluence of thoughts, a river of expressions.
The River stroke is a homage to his grandfather’s traditions - sojourns into memory; joy, love, anguish, and desire. When at first seen as unconventional and a brackish riposte to the traditions, JY’s art is very much steeped in the craft and deftness of traditional Chinese calligraphy. 
Beyond that, his art sees a world no longer delineated by rules, but only of a single-minded expression of thought, infused with layers of contemplation and purpose, expressed in the movement of his unceasing River-stroke.

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Hennessy Paradis X JY - Dialogue with the Tang Dynasty Poets

Celebrating [In Good Company], a series of dinner compaign by Hennessy Malaysia to work with TRCRC to restore tropical rainforest and address the critical rate of biodiversity loss in Malaysia.

I’ve had the privilege to be part of this couse by expressing my art through Live Calligraphy show with my signature stroke, The River Stroke.

The art resulted 7 pieces of TDP Series of calligraphy work are inspired by 5 of the most influential poets during the Tang Dynasty, which is regarded as the high point of Chinese civilization - a golden age of cosmopolitan culture.

Dialogue with the Tang Dynasty Poets 005 > A Tribute to King Teng's Tower 唐詩系列005> 滕王閣

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